Designing a custom home can be an exciting process, but for a first-time home builder, it can definitely be overwhelming! If you’ve decided to build new but don’t want the extensive involvement needed for custom home design, there’s another option available. Customizing a spec home allows you to have the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a custom home with the minimal hassle of buying of a model home.


What is a Spec Home?

A spec home is a house built with the intention of selling. Custom home builders often design spec homes using the same layouts, materials, and finishes as the other custom homes they construct. The main difference between a spec home and a custom home is that a spec home is partially, if not completely, built by the time a homeowner purchases it. Spec homes offer a number of benefits, one being that there is still potential for customization—but without the overwhelming decision making required for a custom home build.


How to Customize a Spec Home

The level to which you can customize your spec home will depend primarily on the building company you partner with and the stage at which you purchase your spec home. The following customization options range from early building stages to late building stages. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there are ways to customize your spec home’s design.



Due to the nature of a spec home, a custom layout is seldom available. There may, however, be the opportunity to influence certain aspects of your spec home’s layout. For example, a builder can likely accommodate simple changes in room size or location. The degree of layout customization will depend heavily on how early you choose your spec home.


Bonus Features

It’s likely that you won’t have influence on your spec home until after it’s constructed. Don’t worry! There are still lots of opportunities for customization. For example, you may choose to add bonus features to your spec home. Maybe you’d like a pizza oven in the kitchen or a walk-in shower in the master bathroom. A building company can often accommodate these requests to make your spec home more personal.



Perhaps the construction of your home is complete. A great way to customize a spec home is through interior design. You can usually be a part of design decisions in your spec home for anything from paint color to tile material to cabinet finishes. It’s in the design details of your spec home that you can really express your personal taste.



You may have found your spec home late in the game. No problem! Fixtures are an easy way to customize your home’s appearance. Builders will usually use generic fixtures that appeal to the masses in spec homes. Update key light fixtures, add some fun hardware, and select upgraded faucets to take your spec home’s design to the next level.



When all else is said and done, don’t forget about the impact of décor on your spec home. Furniture, art, and personal touches can help you create a custom look in your home, even if there wasn’t any customization done along the way. Adding your personal touch will give your spec home the appearance of being custom all along.


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