If your kids have all moved out of your home, it may start to feel a bit oversized for you. Downsizing can be a wise decision for many homeowners, but how do you know when the time is right? Here are a few signs that it may time for you to downsize.


You Don’t Use Your Whole Home

It can happen gradually, but if you’re not using entire rooms of your home, it may be time to downsize. Guest bedrooms that haven’t been slept in for years and bathrooms that only need the toilet paper changed once a quarter are indicators that your current home probably has more square footage than you really need. Unused space is wasted money and more work for you. Downsizing could dramatically reduce or even eliminate your mortgage payment and cut down on the cleaning you need to do.


Your Home No Longer Suits Your Stage of Life

Several bedrooms, a playroom, and a large backyard were all great when you were raising your growing family, but now, they’re all somewhat obsolete. Downsizing to a custom home would allow you to design spaces especially for how you want to use them. You’d actually get to enjoy the home you live in—goodbye swing set; hello custom gym.


Your House or Yard Work Is a Burden

Bigger homes mean more floors to sweep, windows to wash, and rooms to clean. As you get older, the maintenance and care of your large home can become a greater burden. Your entire weekend might be spent mowing the grass or tidying up the house. Downsizing will result in less work for you to do and more free time to enjoy doing what you love.


You No Longer Want to Be Tied Up Financially

With the money you’ve invested in your current home, you may be able to sell and have little to no mortgage at your next home. That means you’ll have more disposable income, which can be very appealing to those approaching or in retirement.


You Want More Time and Financial Freedom

As an empty nester, you’ve gained freedom from the daily duties of parenthood. As a retiree, you’ve gained freedom from your job. As a homeowner, well, you’re a little tied up. If you want more time and financial freedom, then downsizing could be the perfect option for you. Downsizing causes you to live more intentionally and mindfully. With the time and money you’ll save, you will have unmatched freedom in the years ahead.


If you’ve decided to downsize, but you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your new home, contact Castle Brook Builders. The professionals at Castle Brook will walk you through each step of the home building process, resulting in a home that’s gone down in size, not excellence. Schedule a consultation today!

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