As you’ve probably discovered, there are lots of different options when it comes to buying a new home. If you’ve been contemplating whether to build a custom home or move into a spec home, you’re in luck! We’ve got the lowdown on both options. Check out our lists of pros and cons for spec homes and custom homes.


Spec Homes

Spec homes are a shortened term for “speculative” homes. In other words, the home has been built with the speculation that it will sell. As such, spec homes are at least partially finished and designed to appeal to a large population of home buyers. Often, when resources permit, custom home building companies will build homes without a specific buyer in mind. These homes often feature the materials, layouts, and finishes that the builder’s custom homes have, but they are pre-built to be sold “as is.” Sometimes, you can get in on a spec home construction early enough to choose things like paint color, tile, or hardware. Most often, the spec home is nearly complete and essentially move-in ready.



  • Spec homes are usually lower in price than custom homes of the same size.
  • Spec homes take far less time to complete.
  • Spec homes can offer opportunities for customization.
  • Spec homes are designed to sell, making them a wise investment.
  • Spec homes often feature the same high-end materials that would be used on other custom built homes.



  • Buying a spec home limits your location choices.
  • Spec homes have a predetermined layout that cannot be easily altered.
  • Spec homes offer limited, if any, customization.
  • Spec homes are not designed with you in mind.
  • Spec homes don’t allow you to be a part of your home’s building process.


Custom Homes

Custom homes vary in their level of customization, but typically, the buyer chooses everything from the location of the home to the insulation in the walls to the color of the cabinets. The level of customization in any particular custom build depends on the buyer’s preference and the building company they choose. Some companies offer an assortment of pre-selected materials to choose from while others simply specify allowances for specific categories of materials (e.g., flooring, lighting, cabinetry). Custom homes are great for the detail-oriented buyer who has a very clear vision for their new home. A significant investment of time and money is required to create a custom home.



  • Custom building allows you to make every decision you want.
  • The custom process allows you to build the home of your dreams.
  • Building custom allows you greater choice in the location of your home.
  • Custom building allows you to design your home’s layout.
  • A custom build gives you complete control over the entire building process.



  • Custom homes typically cost more than their spec home equivalents.
  • Custom homes require considerable time to plan and build.
  • Custom building requires buyers to make numerous decisions.
  • The process of building a custom home can be tedious and overwhelming.
  • Custom homes are not designed with resale in mind, which can lead to a low ROI.


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