Letting go of your home can be difficult, but it’s not all bad! If you’re considering downsizing, then you’ll definitely want to check out these benefits. Here are the upsides you can look forward to when downsizing your home.


More Money in Your Pocket

Downsizing is easy on your wallet for several reasons.


Lower (or No) House Payment

In modern-day America, it’s normal to have a portion of your income tied up in a mortgage payment. In fact, the national median mortgage payment is more than $1,000 per month. Depending on how much equity you have in your current home, you may be able to sell it and purchase a very nice, smaller, home in cash. This will free up the funds you’ve been spending on your mortgage to use however you’d like!


Lower Utility Bills

A smaller home means less space to heat and cool, fewer rooms to light, and less water to circulate. All of that adds up to much lower utility bills and, consequently, more money in your pocket. On top of that, many newer custom homes feature green alternatives that will save you even more money moving forward. It’s like trading in your gas-guzzling Yukon in for an eco-friendly Prius. Both are nice cars, but one will save you money both at the point of purchase and throughout its use. The same goes for downsizing your home.


More Discretionary Income

Savings on house payments and utilities, combined with the lower maintenance, upkeep, and repair needs of a new home, equates to more discretionary income for you. You can use that excess money for your retirement, for travel, or whatever your heart desires!



Less Stress in Your Brain

More isn’t always better.


Fewer Rooms to Clean

Downsizing your home means you’ll have fewer rooms to clean. Having fewer rooms to clean means you’ll have more free time. Having more free time means you’ll be able to enjoy the things that truly matter to you—whatever they may be. When your time isn’t tied up with maintaining your stuff, you have more freedom to live the life you want.


Less Clutter in Your Home

Yes, downsizing will mean that you’ll likely have to get rid of some things, but it also means that the things you have will be things you value. So many times we keep things simply because we can, not because we should. Downsizing forces you to choose your belongings intentionally, which naturally helps you appreciate what you have. Let’s face it—you didn’t really need 27 potholders, anyway.


Refreshed Priorities

It’s important to remember that stuff is just that—stuff. If having fewer things in your life means you’ll be happier, then it’s a pretty logical trade. Downsizing helps you to refresh your priorities and gain a new sense of appreciation for what truly matters to you.



Higher Quality in Your Life

Life is good!


Quality over Quantity

Choosing to downsize allows you to pick quality over quantity. Focusing your energy on things that matter more—in your home itself and in your possessions—will help you live more contentedly.


More Free Time

With less time spent worrying about your home, you’ll be able to invest in the areas of your life that bring you joy. You can travel the world, start a new hobby, or spend time with your loved ones. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll have more time to do it!


Better Intentional Living

Pruning is always comfortable, but it leaves the plant healthier and better off. Downsizing can do the same for your life. If you find that your current state leaves you dissatisfied, then downsizing may be the perfect way to reorient your life and begin living with intentionality.


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