subdivision-homeChoosing where to build your home can be a difficult decision. The process of building a home requires a lot of time, money, and resources, so you want to build in an area where you’ll be happy for years to come. Building a custom home also means choosing a custom spot, just for you. Buying a lot in an established subdivision has many perks. Check them out for yourself!


Increased Security

If you have small children, subdivision neighborhoods are excellent places to build your home. Residential neighborhoods can often provide added safety compared to urban or rural areas. Neighborhoods offer slower speed limits than many other places and extra eyes to watch younger residents outside. Often, residential neighborhoods participate in crime watch programs as well, so you can be more confident of your home’s security even when you are away.


Developed Stability

Unlike developing areas, established neighborhoods have a strong sense of stability. Lots are usually maintained; vacancies are few or nonexistent; construction is minimal and planned. Building in a well established neighborhood provides peace of mind that your home will be in a consistent environment in the years ahead.


Shared Amenities

Some subdivision neighborhoods offer shared amenities like pools, tennis courts, and clubhouses. These extra features allow you to enjoy specific hobbies in your own neighborhood without having to accommodate them in the design of your home.


Maintained Property Value

In a well established neighborhood, you can be confident that your home will maintain its value over time. Being in an established residential community helps support your property and resale value. Vacant or run-down homes are rare in these neighborhoods, so you won’t have to worry about eyesores undermining the value of your home.


Established Camaraderie

If you’re looking for camaraderie, then a neighborhood is the place to be. Neighborhoods offer the community, proximity, and potential for friendship that solitary areas cannot. Being in an established neighborhood means you’ll be interacting with other families who have chosen the same type of environment that you have for your family. You can look forward to meeting new people in your new neighborhood.


No matter where you decide to build in the Omaha area, Castle Brook has you covered! For years, the experts at Castle Brook Builders have ushered clients through the custom home building process. From choosing a location to designing your layout, you can be confident in your partners at Castle Brook. Schedule a consultation today!


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